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Music Smart Links

A shareable, trackable URL that automatically routes fans to your music in their favorite services.

Self-Serve Advertising

Advertise your music to a targeted audience on top streaming services and music websites.

Real-Time Analytics

Understand how fans interact and consume your music throughout your entire release cycle.

Share your music
in the smartest way!

  • Send fans to the right music service

    SmartLink is a shareable, trackable URL that automatically routes fans to listen to your releases in their favorite music services.

  • Spotify and Deezer Pre-Save built in

    Create a link for a future release with options to Pre-save and pre-order. We’ll automatically add each released single to fans’ libraries and the full album once it’s released.

  • Real-time analytics

    The second you share your link, you'll see data come in. Your Smart Link is completely trackable so you get data on how fans interact with your music.

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Sponsored songs
in streaming services

  • Boost streams

    Put a budget behind your song and your full track plays as a sponsored song to active listeners who like your style of music.

  • Get added to playlists

    Your sponsored song is not perceived as an ad and listeners can interact just like any other song including adding to playlists, favorites, and more.

  • Build your audience.

    Reach new music fans while they are actively discovering music. Your song will come on as the next song and we guarantee exposure.

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Native placements
on top music websites

  • Blend natively

    Appear natively alongside articles on music sites. Fans can play your music directly in embedded YouTube or SoundCloud players.

  • Boost any content

    Boost songs, playlists, albums, concerts and virtually other relevant content so fans stay connected with you.

  • Drive sales

    Send fans to your music in their favorite streaming service or music store. Promote concerts or events and direct fans to buy tickets.

Advanced targeting
and analytics

  • Laser precision targeting

    Our secret sauce is our best in class, music targeting technology. We automatically identify and optimize where to place your content in real time.

  • Real-time analytics

    Track plays, engagements, skips, and more. Discover your audience demographics like age, gender, and location. Identify your best performing songs.

  • Make smarter decisions

    Learn how people genuinely respond to your music in real-time so you can make informed decisions.

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